Stuck with Glue?

Stuck with Glue?

Read our glue guide and become unstuck!

Let’s face it, glues are essential for any workshop no matter what you are making. It brings projects together and adds strength and reinforcement when sewing is neither practical nor suitable. However, with the wide variety of adhesives available, it can be rather sticky to discover the right one for you.

Adhesives may be interchangeable with different materials but when you are buying from Abbey, we want you to be confident with your purchasing decision. That’s why we have put together this quick and easy guide to assist you so you become unstuck and choose the right glue for right task.

#ABS - Abbey's Bargain Sale

#ABS - Abbey's Bargain Sale

Book your appointment for a one-to-one shopping experience with our experts!

Make sure Wednesday 20th September is in your diary!

Come along to Abbey’s Walsall Trade Counter for a personal shopping experience with a member of our team.

Stock up on your leather and choose from 250 pairs of END OF LINE Sedgwicks bridle leather, knee rolls, seconds Equus rein grips and boots webbings, Biothane and materials

Breathe Easy with Abbey’s Heavy Waterproof Breathable Nylon

Breathe Easy with Abbey’s Heavy Waterproof Breathable Nylon

This versatile material is great for products which will be exposed to the autumn and winter elements. Find out about its properties and stock up now!

This strong waterproof nylon has a high level of tear strength and abrasion resistance from the combination of its fabric construction and its synthetic composition. Often, similar fabrics have a mix of nylon and cotton in the fabric, making the fabric easier to work with and feel more natural. But by mixing synthetic and natural fibres, it reduces its strength and abrasion resistance. 

Abbey England Launch Saddlery Scholarship

Abbey England Launch Saddlery Scholarship

Enter now for a chance of winning £500 worth of workshop tools!

Abbey England has launched an exciting new Saddlery Scholarship that will see the lucky recipient winning £500 worth of workshop tools.

Whatever your chosen career in the craft saddlery industry whether you are looking to become a Master Saddler, Master Harness Maker or Bridle craft expert, the Abbey England Scholarship is open to everyone currently on a trainee or apprenticeship programme.

The team at Knutsford-based Abbey England is well known as ‘Suppliers to the Workshop Worldwide’ and is the one-stop-shop for all saddlery tools, leather, threads, textiles and saddle trees.



Keep cool this summer with Abbey's polyester cooler net!

In this warm weather, we are all looking for something to keep us cool and Abbey have just the thing! The polyester cooler net design is created by fusing, looping or knotting the yarn at intersections to create an open space where air can easily pass through the holes. Not only is it used in the equestrian trade for summer rugs but also in the fashions and accessories trade...


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