Customer Spotlight #14 Little Arthur Green Shoes

Customer Spotlight #14 Little Arthur Green Shoes

We talk shoe making, fires and Prince Charles with Richard Morten.

Situated on the island of St Martin’s, one of five inhabited islands which forms the Isles of Scilly, is Little Arthur Green Shoes. A traditional workshop filled with the finest leathers, hardware, shoemaker and local artisan, Richard Morton.

The story begins in 1979 when Richard first began making shoes. Even then, Richard fundamentally believed people wanted something individual, something...
Abbey's Equus Rein Grips Race Ahead of the Field

Abbey's Equus Rein Grips Race Ahead of the Field

We put our Equus Rein grips to the ultimate test by racehorse trainer Nick Kent!

We have always prided ourselves on sourcing high quality materials and Equus rubber is no different. Using the best UK-sourced rubber compound our rein grips are flexible, durable, and suitable for all climate conditions.

Then again, it’s no good coming from us! That’s why we sent our rein grips and a competitors rein grips to a Lincolnshire-based racehorse trainer Nick Kent for the ultimate test. 6 months on a busy racing yard.

Abbey donates materials to Harness Maker Terry Davies in support of SPANA.

Abbey donates materials to Harness Maker Terry Davies in support of SPANA.

Terry Davies, a professional harness make from Shropshire, contacted Abbey last year looking for donations in materials. These materials would help Terry bring his prototype alive which would help radically change the welfare of working animals across Ethiopia.  We asked Terry if he could tell us more about this great project and his involvement with SPANA. Here is what he had to say…


Customer Spotlight #13 Yaris Equestrian

Customer Spotlight #13 Yaris Equestrian

Yaris Equestrian are a British manufacturer of equestrian rugs and saddle cloths. Based in Kendal, Cumbria, the Yaris team are made up of highly skilled machinists and cutters who have over 30 years’ experience.

Bespoke or not, it seems this team constantly delivery high performing rugs and cloths which last season upon season. Their close eye to detail and quality is definitely reflected in their long list of standing customers.

Numnah Quilted Fabric… What’s it all About?

Numnah Quilted Fabric… What’s it all About?

Read all about numnah quilted fabric and how it's used across the different industries.

A quilted fabric is a three-layered fabric, all stitched together, with two cotton outer layers and a fibre based filling in the middle. Quilted fabric is used for the purpose of insulation and protection. The ability of quilting to come in a variety of different weights and thicknesses makes it a versatile material for many applications. The different thickness of the filling and the design of the stitching provide different levels of heat retention and create a durable fabric that retains its shape during use. Popular applications for quilted fabrics are outdoor jackets, handbags, bed linen and saddle pads.


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