Please note: the web site is not currently linked to our accounting system, therefore stock quantities will not be accurate. Our website continues to ACCEPT orders and payment but will not show updated invoices or statements for those wanting to pay their account. Payments should be made based on emailed Invoices and Statements only.



When you order online from Abbey Saddlery, your personal details and your credit card details are encrypted before they are sent to our secure server facility. Once at the secure server they remain there, still in encrypted form, until we access your order and start packing your purchases. Your details are only available to authorised Abbey Saddlery staff and will not be passed on to any other organisations. Contrast a secure transaction like this one with the types of everyday transactions you are used to making:

  • Ordering by phone and reading out your credit card number to a total stranger
  • Handing your credit card to a shop assistant or waiter who takes it away from you to perform your transaction
  • Posting or faxing an order form with your credit card number

These transactions are completely insecure - but that does not stop you making purchases this way. Experience tells you that, on the whole, people do not misuse your credit card details. But online ordering via a secure server is clearly a more secure method of passing on your credit card details. And therefore the risk of your card details falling into the wrong hands is even lower. Even more important, however, are the answers to questions such as these:

  • Can you trust the company you are sending your card details to?
  • Do they actually exist?
  • Do they have premises?
  • Do they have a proven track record?
  • Can you easily contact them?
  • Do they have the required stock?

These questions are important and should be answered before you give out any personal information. So let us put your mind at rest about our business at Abbey Saddlery.

We have been operating in the retail order business since long before the Internet came to prominence. Our modern offices adjoin a large warehouse to ensure the ready availability of high Quality British Made Stock at all times. We advertise regularly in the trade press both in England and abroad. Our Traditional catalogue is released on an annual basis in February to coincide with the BETA International Trade Fair.

You can phone us at any time during office hours to order products, ask for information and advice, or check on the progress of your order.

In a nutshell - we exist, we are well established, and we can prove it! And we offer secure online ordering!

If you are still apprehensive about ordering online, phone us on 01565 650343 during office hours and he will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you already think you would like to try online shopping then take the plunge now - perhaps with a small purchase to start with to see if you are satisfied. We think you will be!

Peter Phillips
Systems Manager
Abbey Saddlery & Crafts Ltd.

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